Chinese Call-Centre …………


:           Hello, can I speak to Annie Wan

Operator:    Yes, you can speak to me.
Caller :           No, I want to speak to Annie Wan  

:     Yes I understand you want to speak toanyone.You can speak to me. Who is this?  
Caller :            I’m Sam Wan . And I need to talk to Annie Wan! It’s urgent.
Operator :     I know you are someoneand you want to talk to anyone ! But what’s this urgent matter about?
Caller :           Well… just tell my sister Annie Wanthat our brother Noe Wan was involved in an a cc ident
Noe Wan
got injured and now Noe Wan isbeing sent to the hospital. Right now , Avery Wan is on his way to the hospital.  
Operator:      Look, if no onewas injured and no onewas sent to the hospital, then the a cc ident isn’t an urgent matter!
You may find this hilarious but I don’t have time for this!
Caller:            You are so rude! Who are you?
Operator:      I’m Saw Ree
Caller:           Yes! You should be sorry . Now give me your name!!  
Operator:    That’s what I said. I’mSaw Ree….
Caller:           O h ……Goodness……..!!! !


Quick course .. learn Chinese!

That’s not right. – Sum Ting Wong.

Are you harboring a fugitive? – Hu Yu Hai Ding?

See me as soon as possible. – Kum Hia Nao.

Stupid Man. – Dum Gai.

Small Horse. – Tai Ni Po Ni.

Did you go to the beach? – Wai Yu So Tan?

I bumped into a coffee table. – Ai Bang Mai Ni.

I think you need a face lift. – Chin Tu Fat.

It’s very dark in here. – Wai So Dim?

I thought you were on a diet. – Mun Ching?

This is a tow away zone. – No Pah King.

You are not very bright. – Yu So Dum.

I got this for free. – Ai No Pei.

Please stay a while longer. – Wai Go Nao?

Stay out of sight. – Lei Lo.

He’s cleaning his automobile. – Wa Shing Ka.

Your body odor is offensive. – Yu Stin Ki