If you are a lawyer, don’t read!!! Hehehe!!

A bunny rabbit and a snake bumped into each other in the forest.
Startled, they both jumped back.
The bunny rabbit said: “Oh, excuse me, I didn’t see you, I’m blind. In fact, I don’t even know what I am!”
The snake replied: “I’m blind too and I don’t know what I am either.”
The bunny rabbit said: “I have an idea! How about if we feel each other? Maybe we can tell each other what we are!”
The snake replied: “That’s a great idea, I’ll go first”. He slithers all over the bunny rabbit and says “Well, you’re soft and furry and you have a little cotton tail. I know!! You must be a bunny rabbit!
The bunny rabbit was thrilled to finally know what he is. “My turn”. He says, and hops all over the snake. ” Well, you’re cold and slimy and you’ve got no balls. I know!! You must be a lawyer!