Recent studies have shown increasing demand of people not only seeking life insurance, but more specifically

The insurance companies have formulated the following options:  

Option 1:

If you sleep with your wife  

 –         LEGAL & GENERAL

Option 2:

If you sleep with your wife in your car  

 –         AUTO & GENERAL

Option 3:

If you sleep with someone else’s wife:  

 –         MUTUAL & FEDERAL

Option 4:

Sleeping with your mother-in-law  

 –         OLD MUTUAL

Option 5:

If you sleep with a Bushman-girl  

 –         SANLAM

Option 6:

Sleeping with more than one person at the same time  


Option 7:

Taking advantage of the person you sleep with  

 –         LIBERTY LIFE

Option 8:

Man sleeping with another man  

 –         HOLLARD  

Option 9:

Having sex on the spur of the moment  

 –         MOMENTUM

Option 10:

Sleeping with your ex-wife  

 –         OUTSURANCE

Option 11:

Sleeping with a prostitute  

 –         BUDGET

Option 12:

Having sex with someone you don’t even know
       – DISCOVERY  

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