Letters to the Ministry of Labour

The following are genuine extracts of letters received by the MINISTRY OF LABOUR (SOUTH AFRICA) from people enquiring after money on the grounds of hardship. They are exact copies as they were received. Neither the wording nor the spelling has been altered.  
1. I am glad to state that my husband died yesterday. I will be glad if you get me a pension. If you don’t hurry up I will have to get public resistance.  
2. I am enclosing my marriage certificate with three children. One of then is a mistake as you can see when you look into it. I am writing to say my youngest son is born two years old. Why not getting allowances for it.  
3. I am enclosing certificate with six childran. One of them twins died. You asked if he is christened: yes he was baptised on half a sheet of paper by a certain Captain in the Salvation Army.  
4. The man I live with won’t work and he wants to know if my husband is dead. Will you please search through your records office for him and let me know.  
5. In accordance with your Instructions I have given birth to twins in the enclosed envelope.  
6. I want money as badly as quisk as you can send it. I have been in bed under the doctor for weeks and he doesn’t seem to be doing me any good. If things don’t improve I shall have another doctor.  
7. Milk is needed for my baby. Father is unable to supply it.  
8. Re your dental enquiry, the teeth at the top are still alright, but the ones in my bottom are hurting me terrible.  
9. Please send me a form for cheap milk.I have a baby 2 month old and did not know about it until the neighbor told me.  
10. My son is unable to attend school. He has had diarrhoea through a hole in his shoe.  

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