Blond se PC woordeboek

Log On – Make the braai hotter
Log Off – The braai is too hot
Monitor – Keeping an eye on the braai
Download – Get the firewood off the bakkie
Hard drive – Trip back home without any cold beer
Floppy Disc – What you get lifting too much firewood at once or music
by Brenda Fasie
Keyboard – Where you hang the bakkie and bike keys
Windows – What you shut when it’s cold
Screen – What you shut in the mosquito season
Byte- What mosquitoes do
Bit – What the damn mosquitoes did
Mega Byte -What the blerry mosquitoes do at the lake
Chip – A snack food
MicroChip – What’s left in the bag after they ate all your chips
Modem -What you did to the lawns
Dot Matrix – Old Jacobus Matrix’s wife
Laptop – Where your cat takes some zzzzs
Software – Plastic knife and fork you get at KFC
Hardware – Real stainless steel knives and forks from Pick ‘n Pay
Mouse – What eats the grain in the shed
Mainframe – What holds the shed up
Web – What spiders make
Web Site – The corners under the stoep where the spiders hang out
Cursor – An old ballie who swears a lot
Search Engine – What you do when the bakkie won’t start up
Yahoo – What you shout when the bakkie starts up
Upgrade – A verysteep hill
Server – The oke at the pub that brings out the lunch
Mail Server – The oke that brings the post
User – Your neighbour who keeps borrowing things
Network – When you have to repair your fishingnet
Internet – Complicated fish net repair method
Netscape – When fish manoeuvre out of reach of your net
Online – When the wife finishes hanging out the laundry
Off Line – When the stukkend pegs won’t hold the washing up.


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